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Get a look that never goes out of style

Changing your carpeting ever year to match the changing trends can get really tiresome. Not to mention very costly! Stop putting in the hassle and start saving your money today! Have wood flooring installed by the professionals at Coyne's Carpet Inc.


Changing the look and feel of a room with wood flooring is as easy as dropping a rug over it! It doesn't get much more hassle-free than wood.

Fix the previous owner's mistakes

We've all seen a home that had carpeting in the kitchen and wondered "What were they thinking?"

If you've bought a home that suffers from this problem, get a new hardwood or laminate floor installed today and fix their mistakes!

We've been in business since 1966 and built a reputation for giving

our customers the

best quality at

competitive prices.

Flooring that makes a statement

• Hardwood

• Laminate

• Wood

Want flooring that isn't wood?

Wood flooring, while classic, just isn't for everyone.

If you're one of those people, we have a solution for you! Head over to our vinyl and tile flooring page to find something more your style.

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